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3 years ago
Why is it that porn always has racist comments? Ive never seen more racism than i do in the comments of porn. And not just this video but all porn. Also, what is with the guys in the background?? It was like a gangbang/ comedy show.
Elaine 5 years ago
I love getting gangbanged when I'm drunk xxx
Joe 5 years ago
Now that's how you contract AIDS.
Keep your racism to yourself 5 years ago
Im just tryna rub one out, y'all out here tryna talk all hard. Fuck all y'all insecure pieces of shit.
Luna 2 years ago
What the fuck is with all the racism in the comments? Seriously yall are a bunch of bitches.Black guys are hot, white guys are hot, but your little whiney attitudes are not hot. Prob why your sitting here trolling on porn sites instead of fucking a girl.
Jealousy? 5 years ago
How would you feel if your bitch decided to get gangbanged in front of your eyes..... I would have shot all of them
Chill 5 years ago
it's just porn, it's racist as fuck, but porn is a degrading induatry
Nice 5 years ago
This is a pretty good anime
Truth 5 years ago
That one dude in the back " put her foot in his mouth"
Paul 6 years ago
don't wear any bra or knickers act like the slut you know you are