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Mr. Obvious 5 years ago
So we just gon ignore the fact they throwing money into a liquid that could potentially fuck up the cash?
SLATT 3 years ago
That white bitch nasty, her booty yellow
Damn 3 years ago
Look like wet raw chicken sliding around in a bowl
Michelle 3 years ago
My face would break out from all that oil lol
TheyDeserveMore 3 years ago
So we just gon ignore the fact that they be throwin ones??? Fucked up
Nigga 3 years ago
Damn dose bitches hot af
Somebody 3 years ago
The girl with the orange nails ugh she’s such a beauty
deez bitches nastyyyyyyy 3 years ago
that water became so naaaasty n musky
a girl 3 years ago
they are sooo fucking hot
your mommy 3 years ago
the fact that they keep siding everywhere LOL.